Designing the Ultimate Games Room

Turning a spare room in your house into a games room, is a great way to bring the family together for some fun, evening entertainment. If you never use your dining room table, or have a basement which you want to come alive, then it might be a better use of the space. Certainly don't consider trying to incorporate large games machines into your children's bedrooms, because this may prevent them from sleeping well.

Spend time deciding what you'd like to go in the room. This will largely depend on the space you have available and the budget you have in mind. Before you start buying, consider the following:

Games table: Think about getting a pool or snooker table if you have a decent sized space available. These are the most common games for the centre of a games room, but other options to choose from are table football, table tennis or air hockey, depending on which you prefer to play the most. Make sure to get a stand for any cues to keep the room looking more organised.

Pinball machineThere are two types available; Electro-mechanical (EM) and solid state. EM machines are older and operate by lots of switches in the back box. If they work fine, are maintained properly and played regularly, they will keep on running. Solid state machines are controlled by a micro processor and your score is shown on electronic displays. Recent games on these will have more possibilities during game play and therefore challenge you for a longer period of time. Don't buy a machine which isn't working properly, because you may spend all of your time repairing it instead. A new one should last for a long time.

Wall space: Consider adding to the number of games on offer in the room by putting up a quality dart board. Remember to think carefully about where people will be walking when planning the layout. Another must for the wall is a big television screen, so when it comes to the planning, consider where to put any seating. Items like a chalkboard, to keep scores of who is winning, and neon signs could finish the room off well.

Atmosphere: Think about the music and lighting. It's a room of entertainment, so a classic, retro jukebox would certainly make the it look and feel the part. Vintage style machines have modern CD mechanisms with iPod connectivity,mand Bluetooth wireless kits are usually available. Again, neon signs could create the right feel and be a good finishing touch.

Think about who the games room will be for, because these rooms aren't just necessarily for kids. A small bar or drinks machine may be the perfect finishing touch to your room. Also, be responsible, and consider if you have any young children not to put in any machines which will encourage the use of gambling, such as a fruit machine. Stick to games which solely offer good, fun, family entertainment.

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