6 Awesome Ideas for Your Next Team Building Excursion

Forget all those boring team building exercises involving flip charts and post-it notes.

If you're really looking to boost the communication and dynamic within your team, check out these super fun team building excursion ideas that will have your workers shouting 'yay!' instead of 'nay.'

1. Go Karting If your team is in much need of that adrenaline rush or competitive lift, go karting could be an awesome idea. Go karts are easy to drive so that almost anyone can jump in and have a go.

Every session comes with instruction about safety and many venues offer packages including catering and drinks, too.

2. The Zombie Apocalypse Ok, well ... maybe it will end up being just one zombie … but still! 

This team activity involves being locked in an iron-clad room with a real life zombie (yes, you heard that right!). The team's goal is to work together to follow clues and solve puzzles to escape from the room.  

Hilarity and teamwork will definitely ensue, and there'll be plenty to talk about over lunch afterwards!

3. A Day on the Boat

It's all hands on deck with this one!

Learning to sail can be an incredibly fun and rewarding endeavour. It's also a great team building exercise.

Each person in the group is given a specific 'sailing' role and everyone's expected to pitch in and sail the boat as a team.

Sailing is a brilliant opportunity to enhance team energy, as well as build equality (since no one person is in charge) and communication.

It can be hard work, though, so make sure everyone's fit and able - and provide lunch or dinner afterwards.

4. Treasure Hunting

This one is a bit of a twist on the old scavenger hunt.

In treasure hunts, teams split up into pairs or groups and work together to uncover clues, decode riddles, solve maps and even crack codes to find their long-awaited treasure!

Treasure Hunting is a fabulous choice if you want to 'break up' the team into smaller pairs/groups or give members the chance partner with anyone they don't normally work closely with.

5. Trivia Night (or Day)

We all know that trivia can be loads of fun - but when you pitch teams against each other, it can be entertainment at its best!

The key to making this work is to make the trivia questions enjoyable, sticking to topics that are fun and light-hearted. If you're inclined, you can even include a few funny questions about your company or coworkers (e.g. "What was the statue that John used to have in his office before he left?")

For prizes, give away something that team members will actually want to root for - like movie tickets, restaurant vouchers or even a free half-day off work!

6. The Ultimate Cook-Off

Combine a cooking class with classy competition and what do you get? A cook-off!

Cook-offs can offer teams the chance to bond and have fun in a low-pressure environment. Cook-offs are ideal for smaller groups and even pairs and the cooking itself can involve anything, from baking cakes to creating a BBQ platter.

The best perk of this activity is that everyone gets to eat the food at the end!

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